Monday, February 18, 2013

This Weeks Assignment!

Okay guys, the assignment details have been posted! Read the blog below if you haven't already

Basically we're going to flesh our silhouettes out on a higher level, and Anthony has provided us templates we can use to do that.

 Ideally we all want to have at least one of each template filled out: A character, Prop, and setting. I think the best way to do this is for each one of us to choose a strong point (For example, If I feel I do best in prop designing, I'd go for a Prop) and put the best in it, and then proceed to paint our "weaker" points to the best of our ability.

That way, we'll still be able to show our best while still getting our feet wet.

So, what I want to hear from you guys:

  •  Tell me what you're going to direct most of your energy towards: Character, Prop or Setting (it can be one, or all if you're confident!) I'm going to go around making sure we have at least one person dedicated to each of the three. (So we avoid having like 3 people doing Characters as a strength for example) It's just going for a balance in quality! If that makes sense.
  •  Your work posted on this blog or a link to your work so I can comment and make sure we're all on the right track :')
  • Discussion about the assignment, let's make sure we're all sure about what we need to do, and if I worded or am assigning this wrong? Do tell me because I don't want to lead us in the wrong direction, we're in this together!
Hopefully that was all clear, but yeah please comment and discuss below, the sooner the better so we all know what's going on. Thanks!

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