Friday, February 15, 2013

Main Character/Train Silhouettes

 Hiya guys, decided to lasso some silhouettes for my iterations, and did both genders!

Here are my references: 

The 1960's had some rad long coats going on, also that reference with the mice is from Tale of Despereaux, which has some good mouse characters! Also check out Rango, which also has some neato ideas too.

And here are some train fronts: Had the idea the front should be a flashlight on wheels basically.

Also let me know any sort of feedback with anything I post!


  1. Ooooh, Donna! I just noticed what you did with the flask! Are you a genius, or was it some freak accident you incorporated ouroboros-like symbols? I really dig it because it represents cycles you know, which is so relevant to the train stuck in its cycle to crash. The hour-glass shaped one is nice, too, but I really favor the ouroboros-esque ones more (specifically the top middle). I feel like those designs are smarter, like the player would have to know a little something to get it, and I like that sort of thing. Plus, I feel like the hour-glass would be too redundant, since the liquid being consumed is its own measure of time.. does that make sense to you? Really stellar ideas.

    1. Ohh man thank you!
      Yeah it was intentional, I thought the Ouroboros was cool enough to include in there, but yeah, I like the ouroboros ones too so I'll go with that, thanks for the input!