Monday, February 25, 2013

Story Beat Assignment

 The next assignment is up!

 So what you guys will need to do is make an illustrative scene with a story to go with it. We need to use the characters and props we made and apply them to the scene. It's a good thing we already have our story straightened out, so I will go assign and suggest what each one of you can do for your scene.
(Remember our story overview is here so review it if you forget what happens in our plot)

Michelle- Since you have the Jacketted Dame (I know Erika called dibs on her but I have not gotten a response from either of you so Michelle you will be in charge of the dame), you can have her maybe seated in the dining cart drinking her alcoholic flask alone as she waits for her boyfriend. Or if you're up for some setting, you can do the cargo cart scene where the main character is stocking up on items etc?

Erika- Use the Millionaire guy since you've already finished him, maybe you can show him all beat up, shoving batteries into the "furnace" of the train engine. Or maybe you can show him confronting the main character in a dramatic face off. If you're up for settings, you can show the main character+fireman entering the transition cart where the good side is fading into the horror side.

Tina-  How about show the Fireman and the Main Character advancing through the trains, or maybe on a face-off with an enemy? Or the Fireman could be the first one showing signs of his body deteriorating as they go along through the train? And if you're up for a setting you can do the train station where the ghost train reaches its destination (in which the main character succeeds) or the main characters approaching the raven lever of the conductor's cart.

Paul- Since you have the conductor, how about showing him controlling the train with his body in view so we can see his half is missing, ominously? Maybe you can also show him fighting/confronting the Main Characters in his conductor cart. Or if you're up for settings you can do the train station where the ghost train first appears out of the mist, where the main character is waiting.

These scenes are to be painted, in black and white. Remember our classwork and use POI wisely! The main point of the illustration is the story, so capture the mood and some actions in the scene as best you can.

 If you have any questions or suggestions etc, feel free to e-mail me!

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