Friday, March 1, 2013

Story Beat Thumbs

How's this, guys?
I'm showing the conductor vs. the main character and Mr. Knickerbocker here, story is the conductor got on top of the front train to try and escape the protagonist and he's got the raven braker. Mr. Knickerbocker is controlling the train while the main character is trying to get the raven braker back- what do you guys think?

In the last thumb I'm trying to show the sharp rocks the train is going over to raise the stakes of danger but I need some input on how to make that better, or what looks the best etc.


  1. I think the comps are looking pretty solid, just the center one on the second picture. it hard to tell whats going on in that one. but the other ones are awesome

    1. Cool, thanks! I tried fixing that using values, so hopefully it is more clear in a more rendered image.