Friday, March 1, 2013

Story Beat Thumbs

How do these look?


  1. Hey lookin' cool!
    The first two thumbnails seem confusing though- like what is the purpose for the first thumbnail? It's stairs, but where is he going? To the train station? It would be cool to have some sort of direction in there to help progress the story that's going on in it, like a sign or something that says "to the train station" or an actual door that goes somewhere.
    The 2nd thumbnail I think is a neat composition, but its readability can be worked on. If I didn't know about our ghost train story, I couldn't have guessed that he was sitting on the curb waiting for the train to come. (haha literally a ghost train then)
    But yeah! Maybe continuing those tracks and roughing in more of the train station can help, and it doesn't need to go into detail, basic perspective can just be used (like a horizon line established) so that the character looks like he's looking into the distance. For now he just looks into the void of white.

    And the third looks awesome!! Yeah these are good, keep it up!

  2. Oh!! Also I forgot to mention, be sure to use my design for the main character so that our pieces can tie together.
    I'll be drawing your conductor dude in my story beat too, I hope my comment helps