Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've revised the raven lever, and here is my storybeat as well (including roughs of other scenes).

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  1. Hey Tina! Good work in these, the sequence is really rad!
    For the mostly rendered Story Beat:
    For the most part it's easy to read, though the 2nd one confused me a little the first time, since I didn't register it as the shadow of the raven lever- maybe you can show some of the edges of the feathers for the wings to make it a little more clear. Also the first scene can also double as a view of the deteriorating train inside- like trashed up benches and holes in the wall etc. from the crash, so it adds to the eerie feel as the characters advance (and also more information on setting)!
    The last story beat is a super cool angle, though Moneybags is a little unrecognizable from the top, but I understand, it's kind of a hard angle to make him recognizable. How about trying a composition where the camera is on the floor looking up at the characters and they're close to the lever while Moneybags can be in the shadows at the top? That might make him more seeable and adding some more suspense to the unsuspecting characters? (since you can also draw their faces and moneybag's 'creeper' face haha)

    The scene roughs give interesting ideas like the merged together band members, wow that's intense

    The Raven lever is neato, I think you can go a little further with it and detail on it- this is the 1920s after all, so maybe it has that kind of dirty bioshock look, like dried blood on its claws or something!

    but yeah these all are pretty sweet, I think you can go a little further with some of them but they're good roughs 8)